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Backstage at the Magic Theater (seen above)

Backstage at the Magic Theater is a special program that features a special cast of characters and puppets that support the production of a Theatrical Magic Show while addressing a number of life issues.  This program is currently in production stages and additional information is available upon request.

What makes Michael's programs so special?


This is not an uncommon picture of some special children watching the Magic of Michael Clayton.

Loads of Audience Participation

Over 95% of the routines involve Audience Participation, but everyone gets involved to shout out the Magic Words.

Audience Members become the Stars of the Show

Not only are you the hero, but your students become the real Star's of the Show.

Hero testimonials

Hero testimonial from Lawhorn Elementary in Tupelo, MS.

Here is a special hero testimony from Dr. Tyler at Findley Elementary School.

Hero PTA President from Desoto Central Intermediate school in Southaven, MS.

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